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Wednesday 30th March 2011

15:30 - 18:00Music Recording, Production & Live Performance with Dennis Fischer (Ableton) and Gregory Taylor (Cycling 74)

Thursday 31st March 2011

1000 1100Augmented Storytelling with James Alliban
1100 1200Simple Ideas, Technology & Human Experience with Alex Beim
1200 1300The Essence of Experience with Evan Grant
1400 1500Networked Media Art and Physical Computing with Brian Solon

Friday 1st April 2011

1400 1500The Future of Narrative in the Multi-media/Multi-platform Space with Anthony Lilley
1500 1600Keynote address by Bridget McKenzie
1600 1800Digital Futures panel discussion incl. Prof. Paul Moore, Bridget McKenzie, Anthony Lilley, Tim Brundle and Mark Nagurski

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