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Q. Have you ever thought about filming & live webcasting the Your Next Event LIVE online to your website?

That way you will:

Widen your audience: Go global & reach people who cannot be there.
Go Viral: Boost exposure for your organisation, sponsors and speakers.
Generate new revenue with our new Webcast Sponsorship and Pay Per View Packages... we'll show you how.

Capture & Share
The Your Next Event Event
with the world!
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Launch your own TV Channel

Spread the word!

Go LIVE to the world!
Reach NEW Regional, National and International Audiences

Reach more people

Delegates who can't attend, can watch live! from the comfort of their offices or homes

WOW! Your Delegates

Viewers who miss the event - can replay & watch again via a fully branded video-on-demand archive - available 365 days of the year.

Go Viral!

Viewers can ask questions & interact with speakers - via online Question & Answer facilities, and a live twitter feed;

Q. Why webcast Your Next Event?

  • #1
    Get Great Feedback

    • Delegates love it
    • Speakers love it
    • Sponsors love it
    Viewers can watch live from anywhere in the world and your people will talk about it.

  • #2
    Reach wider audiences

    Generate bigger audiences. Reach new regional and international audiences. Beam the live webcast link to everyone on your database. The 'live webcast link' and recorded footage can be sent to every company/organisation in your newsletter / mailing list. They'll love it.

  • #3
    Go Social. Go Viral

    Go social, and get people engaged on Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook and via email broadcasts. Engage your audience before, during, and after the event. Viewers can join in and pitch questions to your speaker panel in real-time; Using online question & answer facilities, and a live twitter feed;

  • #4
    Never miss a thing

    Watch live, watch again, experience the event in your own time, anytime. Delegates, sponsors and online viewers tell us they love it!

  • #5
    Your event lives on.

    Your event lives on in a fully branded video on demand archive. Great for follow-up marketing campaigns, and next years sales/sponsorship campaign. Those that miss the conference can replay the event via a fully branded video-on-demand archive of the event on your website - made available 365 days of the year;

  • #6
    Connect Globally

    Reach your people on the other side of the world. Broadcast your event to Politicians, the media and key decision makers who can't be present. We can even beam them into your event as keynote speakers.

  • #7
    Great service.

    We make things easy. We've worked on over 150 events and have a blue chip track record of delivering high quality video broadcasts all over the world. You're in good hands.

  • #8
    Targetted Campaigns

    We can help you target and engage with the right people, at the right time. You can collect valuable marketing information and generate highly targetted marketing lists - great for marketing future programmes and events;

  • #9
    Make new money

    Launch new exlusive sponsorship webcast packages for your event, or run the event on a 'pay per view' basis. We've been there and done it.

  • #10
    Bottle it.

    Capture your hard work, your great event, and make it available all year round. Your delegates will thank you for it.

Here's a quick example

The Federation of Small Businesses Policy Conference
featuring George Osborne and David Cameron
Click Here to See the Video Archive (Example #1)

David Cameron at the FSB Policy Conference

The The AMEE Medical Conference
A Pay Per View event - Generating over £20K in new revenue.
Check out Example #2 Here


Viewer Feedback & Testimonials

  • David Lammy MP

    The innovative use of Twitter, video live streaming, conference podcasts and blogging to broadcast the JISC Conference to people who could not be there in person, has been a great example of what the web can offer

  • Chris Ledger

    "You did a magnificent job. The quality of the footage looked great; the big screen downstairs worked really well and the service was smooth, discreet and professional throughout. Thanks!"

    CEO, Arts & Disability Forum
  • John Richardson

    Great job on the feeds. I was really annoyed that I couldn’t stay all the time for both of the days, but I still managed to do the things I needed to do in the office and watch at the same time. Good stuff!

  • M. Nicholson

    I was unable to attend in person but I have been following the live webcast and commenting online. This is a brilliant way to engage across a wide spectrum of people regardless of geography. I feel very much part of this conference, thanks!

Past Customers & Events

Who have we streamed?

David Cameron

Al Gore

Damian Lewis


Neelie Kroes

EU Digital Commissioner

Frequently Asked Questions

What do we need to stream our event?

A wired internet connection, with good upload bandwidth e.g. 1Mbps or better. We can call your venue & test this for you.

How long does it take to set-up?

We can quickly set-up the night before your event, or in the early hours of the morning. We can go live in under 2 hours.

Can you stream to our conference website?

Yes - we can stream to any website. We develop all our own websites and our developer will work directly with you building a microsite, or embedding the stream onto your website. We can also stream to multiple websites at the same time e.g. Sponsors, Trade & press publications

But if we webcast the event, our delegates may not attend?

Nothing beats being there. We've streamed hundreds of events and watching a live webcast can not compare to being there in person - but it's the next best thing. We offer 'pay per view' streams - where viewers pay a fee to watch live & on-demand. We can also stream only the VIP keynote speakers at your event, and turn the stream off for the rest of the event, then offer on-demand recordings at a later date. An online viewer in London once spotted one of our live events, hopped on a train and paid to access the event.

It's a common question - but reaching a global / international audience is a great talking point, and sharing the event with the world will help you grow your mailing lists, widen your reach and boost your brand exposure.

We don't have the time or the technical expertise to run a webcast - it sounds complicated.

Don't worry, we take care of everything. We have helped clients all over the world turnaround events at short notice. We build the website, organise the crew, shoot & stream the event and provide editing recordings within 12 hrs of the event ending. All you have to do is send the live webcast link to your mailing lists - and we can help with that too! You're in good hands.

Can the audience ask questions?

Yes - we have a moderated question and answer service. Viewers can ask questions online, via Twitter, Facebook or email. Our crew can moderate all questions before going live to the public, and you can see all questions on a live Q&A app on your mobile / tablet.

How much does a live webcast cost?

No two events are the same. To give you an idea of costs, if you could tell us where & when your event takes place, and for how long and to which website - we can quickly work on a proposal for you. Click here to send a quick email, and we can have a response for you in under <24hrs.

How quick can you turnaround edited video content?

We can turnaround video edits and highlights in under 1 hour. When the Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne MP, spoke at the FSB Policy conference, we had an edited highlights video available within 15 mins of him stepping off the stage.

We help you develop an online experience that mirrors your physical event. After the event your delegates can be invited to catch-up and watch sessions that they may have missed. Delegates can also send the recorded content to colleagues - helping you reach entire teams and departments. We can also deploy sign-up forms that will allow you to capture who watched what, where and when.... Delivering more value, and boosting your mailing lists and audience for next year.

I'd like to hear more about pay per view and providing sponsored sessions at our event.

Great. We can talk you through how it works and send you a case study. We'll also share the sales figures on our most recent pay per view events. Contact Diarmaid to arrange a call.

Thanks for your time.

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