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Video Archive - AAL Call 6 Info Day

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1 Play this video by Karina MarcusKarina Marcus
Opening Introduction - AAL JP and previous calls overview
AAL, CMU Director

2 Play this video by Hartmut StreseHartmut Strese
AAL JP call 6 presentation - the idea behind, Q&A
NCP, Germany

Download Hartmut Strese's presentation [PDF] Download this presentation [PDF] »

3 Play this video by Peter Wintlev-JensenPeter Wintlev-Jensen
European Commission activities in the field of AAL
European Commission

4 Play this video by Alain HaintjensAlain Haintjens
ICT solutions for supporting occupation in life of older adults
Brain Waves, Brussels
alain.haentjens (at) brain-network.be

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5 Play this video by Dr. Huiru (Jane) ZhengDr. Huiru (Jane) Zheng
Assisted Living in the work place
University of Ulster, UK
h.zheng (at) ulster.ac.uk

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6 Play this video by Hassane EssafiHassane Essafi
Institute CEALIST, France
hassane.essafi (at) cea.fr

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7 Play this video by Francisco FornesFrancisco Fornes
Adaptive human interfaces for elderly at work
Francisco.fornes (at) integrasys.com

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8 Play this video by Frédérique Robert InacioFrédérique Robert Inacio
ISEN - France
frederique.robert (at) isen.fr

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9 Play this video by Friso van der MuelenFriso van der Muelen
SIE Project
The Netherlands
friso.vandernuelen (at) tno.nl

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10 Play this video by Greet KammingaGreet Kamminga
Centre for Social Care
The Netherlands
g.kamminga (at) cmo-flevoland.nl

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11 Play this video by Tony SculleyTony Sculley
Umea University, Sweden
jwworth (at) informatik.umu.se

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12 Play this video by Juan Carlos BarreraJuan Carlos Barrera
Scientific Park, Sevilla
jcbarrera (at) faico.org

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13 Play this video by Juan Pérez RodríguezJuan Pérez Rodríguez
CREB Biomedical Engineering Research Centre, Barcelona
j.perez (at) upc.edu

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15 Play this video by Lone MalmborgLone Malmborg
Give and Take project
malmborg (at) itu.dk

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16 Play this video by Mandy WilfingerMandy Wilfinger
ProME Project
mandy.wilfinger (at) sbg.ac.at

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17 Play this video by Mara DiaconuMara Diaconu
Stay Active + Follow Me project
mara.diaconu (at) teamnet.ro

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18 Play this video by Michal KosiedowskiMichal Kosiedowski
Poznan Supercomputing Networking Centre
kat (at) man.poznan.pl

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19 Play this video by Montse CruzMontse Cruz
mcruz (at) cetemmsa.com

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20 Play this video by Nina Van der VaartNina Van der Vaart
National Foundation for Elderly
The Netherlands
n.vandervaart (at) ouderefonds.nl

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21 Play this video by Jude WellsJude Wells
Stockport Council
andy.bleaden (at) stockport.gov.uk

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22 Play this video by Nicola FilizolaNicola Filizola
Welcome back after lunch intro

23 Play this video by Samuel BenvenisteSamuel Benveniste
National Centre in Cognitive and Assistive Technology
contact (at) censtimco.org

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24 Play this video by Gerard von WolferenGerard von Wolferen
University of Utrecht
The Netherlands
gerard.vanwolferen (at) kmthku.nl

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25 Play this video by Francis CastanieFrancis Castanie
Telemonitoring of chronical deseases
francis.castanie (at) tesa.prd.fr

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26 Play this video by Christoph SchnanbelChristoph Schnanbel
Christoph.schnabel (at) ekd.de

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27 Play this video by Eric BourguignonEric Bourguignon
Bavarian Partenrship

bourgignon (at) bayfor.org

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28 Play this video by Tudor CioaraTudor Cioara
Technical University of Cluj-Napoca

Ioan.Salomie (at) cs.utcluj.ro
Tudor.Cioara (at) cs.utcluj.ro

Download Tudor Cioara's presentation [PDF] Download this presentation [PDF] »

35 Play this video by Mike BiddleMike Biddle
AAL President
Closing Summary

36 Play this video by Final QuestionsFinal Questions
With Mike Biddle and Nicola Filizola


Watch live on Wednesday 6 February from 09:00 (CET)

The AAL Association organizes an INFO DAY on Wednesday, 6 February 2013 to inform the European community about the next call topic of the AAL Joint Programme: "ICT solutions for supporting occupation in life of older adults." The topic of this sixth call will be explained as well as the procedures for applying and for searching a partner.

* The event is being streamed live from Brussels (Central European Time) - Check your local timezone here

09.00 Opening Introduction - AAL JP and previous calls overview
Karina Marcus


09.20 AAL JP call 6 presentation the idea behind, Q&A
Hartmut Strese,
AALA Germany

09.45 European Commission activities in the field of AAL
Peter Wintlev-Jensen,
European Commission

10.00 Proposal ideas (short presentations)

Short presentations from participants

10.40 Coffee Break

11.10 Proposal ideas (short presentations)

Short presentations from participants

13.00 Lunch Break

14.30 Rules for participation & Role of NCPs

Gerda Geyer,
AALA Austria

  Writing a Proposal

Pascal Fabing,
AALA Luxembourg

14.30 Intellectual Property Rights considerations and Consortium Agreement

IPR Helpdesk

15.30 Partner search tools

Hadas Daar,
AALA Israel

  The way ahead

Nicola Filizola,

15.30 Closing Address

Mike Biddle,
AALA President

Questions & Answers

16.00 Close

* All videos will be recorded and made available on this website shortly after the event.

* The event is being streamed live from Brussels (Central European Time) - Check your local timezone here


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