Rafael de Andres Medina at #Call2015

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2 Play this video by Karina MarcusKarina Marcus
AALA CMU Director
Opening/Introduction AAL JP and previous calls overview
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3 Play this video by Elisabete PiresElisabete Pires
AAL NCP - Portugal
AAL Programme Call 2015 presentation
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4 Play this video by Monika LanzenbergerMonika Lanzenberger
European Commission, DG Comm. Networks, Content and Technology
EC activities in the field of AAL
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10 Play this video by Valentina BrunatiValentina Brunati
Casa di Cura del Policlinico.Milano
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13 Play this video by Göran S. Larsson, Marie ShermanGöran S. Larsson, Marie Sherman
egion Jämtland Härjedalen
Ahead of the curve
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14 Play this video by Claudia ChiavarinoClaudia Chiavarino
University of Torino
Integration of Domotics and Informatics to Improve Older Adults Quality of Life
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16 Play this video by Manuela BonazzaManuela Bonazza
Il Gabbiano soc. Coop. ONLUS
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17 Play this video by Nicolo ParacianiNicolo Paraciani
Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche
TheaCoM - Theatres, Concerts and Museums at home
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18 Play this video by Jim TorresenJim Torresen
University of Oslo
Multimodal Robot Companion for Elderly Care
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19 Play this video by Lübomira SpassovaLübomira Spassova
Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology
Getting Out of the Comfort Zone
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21 Play this video by Paolo Sernani MarshalPaolo Sernani Marshal
Università Politecnica delle Marche
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23 Play this video by Christopher BuckinghamChristopher Buckingham
Computer Science, Aston University, Birmingham, England
Collaborative care for the mental health and wellbeing of older adults in the community
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24 Play this video by Jean Pierre TullenersJean Pierre Tulleners
VissQ -Vision Square
Web based sharing, analysing and plotting relevant data
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25 Play this video by Agnieszka Czupryniak KCRIAgnieszka Czupryniak KCRI
ICT-based support system for active and independent living of older adults in their home – EMPIRE
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26 Play this video by Mara MainalescuMara Mainalescu
Compexin Romania
ActiveWear Ecosystem
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27 Play this video by Lukasz MalickiLukasz Malicki

3i: invisible integrated infrastructure for active and healthy aging
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29 Play this video by Alain ThielemansAlain Thielemans
AAL NCP - Belgium
Rules for participation & Role of NCPs
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30 Play this video by Pascal FabingPascal Fabing
AAL NCP - Luxembourg
Writing a proposal
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31 Play this video by Roxana DascaluRoxana Dascalu
CMU Project Officer
Submission, Partner search tools & Tools for project applicants
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32 Play this video by Marco CarulliMarco Carulli
CMU Programme Officer
Submission, Partner search tools and Tools for project applicants
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33 Play this video by Nicola FilizolaNicola Filizola
CMU Communication Officer
The way ahead
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Watch live on Wednesday 11 March from 09:00 (CET)

The AAL Association organizes an INFO DAY on 11 March 2015 in Brussels about the next call topic of the AAL Programme:”Living active and independently at home. The contribution of ICT/technologies to integrated solutions for supporting active and independent living of older adults in their homes”

* The event is being streamed live from Brussels (Central European Time) - Check your local timezone here

Download the agenda (PDF) Version

09.00 Opening Introduction - AAL JP and previous calls overview
Rafael de Andres Medina, AALA President


  Opening Introduction - AAL JP and previous calls overview
Chair: Karina Marcus, AALA, Central Management Unit (CMU)

09.20 AAL Programme Call 2015 presentation
Elisabete Pires, AAL NCP - Portugal

09.45 European Commission activities in the field of AAL
Monika Lanzenberger – European Commission,
DG Comm. Networks, Content and Technology

10.00 Proposal ideas (short presentations)

Short presentations from participants

10.40 Coffee Break

11.10 Proposal ideas (short presentations)

Short presentations from participants

11.50 Rules for participation & Role of NCPs

Alain Thielemans, AAL NCP - Belgium

12.15 Writing a Proposal

Pascal Fabing, AAL NCP - Luxembourg

12.30 Submission, Partner search tools & Tools for project applicants

Roxana Dascalu, CMU Project Officer
Marco Carulli, CMU Programme Officer

12.50 The way ahead

Nicola Filizola,

13.00 Q&A / Closing Address

Karina Marcus,

Questions & Answers

  Lunch Break


Consortium Building Workshop

14.30 Opening and welcome.
Karina Marcus, AALA CMU)

14.35 The specificities of the AAL market: stakeholders, purchase schemes, national peculiarities.
Marco d’Angelantonio, HIM SA

15.00 How to set up a successful consortium in terms of commercial exploitation involving business partners & SMEs, end users and research
Carmen Ceinos – HIM SA

15.30 Tools to evaluate the business case and the value proposition of a given solution: the basics of business modelling, value proposition evaluation.
Arto Wallin, VTT

16.00 Question and answers

16.15 Coffee Break

16.30 The basics of IPR issues and their importance in the successful exploitation of results.

Carmen Ceinos – HIM SA

16.45 The end-user involvement: presentation.

Ilenia Gheno - AGE Platform Europe

17.00 Best practice: presentation of a successful exploitation for an AAL solution - the case of the Mediate project.

Djamel Khadraoui - Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology

17.15 Best practice: presentation of a successful exploitation for an AAL solution - the case of the 2PCS project

Felix Piazolo
University of Innsbruck

17.30 Open discussion, questions and answers, conclusions.

18.00 End of the seminar

* All presentations are being recorded and will be made available on this website shortly after the event.

Please feel free to share this link with colleagues and friends: aal-europe.eu/info-day

* The event is being streamed live from Brussels (Central European Time) - Check your local timezone here


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Call 2015

AAL Info Day / Consortium Building

The aim of this call is to support innovative, transnational and multi-disciplinary collaborative projects with a clear market orientation for the proposed challenge. Older adults of today and especially of tomorrow will live longer, be more active and desire a life without dependency as well as the right to decide for themselves. They will have an increasing demand for the most user friendly, accessible and functional technological solutions available. Active, independent and healthy ageing is an important opportunity for society. It gives older citizens the possibility to contribute to the growth and welfare of the communities in terms of support to their families, social engagement, consumption and purchases, etc. The key priority underlying this challenge will be to integrate existing technologies to create ICT based solutions that will support older adults in their homes, increasing the older adult’s degree of independency (self and remote) and dignity, enhancing participation in social, economic, cultural and civic affairs, enabling choice and control over the support they need to live their everyday lives and supporting access to services.

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partner search facility

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AAL Forum

The AAL Forum is the annual platform for the increasing European AAL community to meet and discuss seceral topics, relevant for improving the AAL JP as well as the adoption of AAL solutions in the market. The event takes place on 22-25 September in Ghent Belguim - find out more here


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