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Video Archive - Livcom Awards 2011

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12 Play this video by Yilan CountyYilan County

winner Gold - Built Award
14 Play this video by Bilbao Culture as an Economic EngineBilbao Culture as an Economic Engine

winner Enhancement of the Landscape Criteria Award
23 Play this video by ChrudimChrudim

winner Gold - Built Award AND Healthy Lifestyle Criteria Award
26 Play this video by Dubai Revitalisation of Historic DubaiDubai Revitalisation of Historic Dubai

winner Gold - Socio Economic Award
31 Play this video by Nansha DistrictNansha District

winner Gold - Natural Award
37 Play this video by GeraldtonGeraldton

winner Community Involvement: Criteria Award
71 Play this video by SeogwipoSeogwipo

winner Gold - Natural Award
73 Play this video by Nieupoort King Leopold II ParkNieupoort King Leopold II Park

winner Gold - Natural Award
105 Play this video by JinhwaJinhwa

winner Second place: Category A: Popn up to 20,000
106 Play this video by GotarrenduraGotarrendura

winner Second place: Category A: Popn up to 20,000
107 Play this video by NieuwpoortNieuwpoort

winner First Place: Category A: Popn up to 20,000
109 Play this video by VorniceniVorniceni

winner Third place: Category A: Popn up to 20,000
110 Play this video by JihlavaJihlava

winner Third place: Category B: Popn 20,001-75,000
111 Play this video by MandurahMandurah

winner Second place: Category B: Popn 20,001-75,000 AND Strategic Planning Criteria Award
112 Play this video by Pfaffenhofen an der IlmPfaffenhofen an der Ilm

winner First place: Category B: Popn 20,001-75,000 AND Environmental Best Practice Criteria Award
113 Play this video by Namwon City Korea 1Namwon City Korea 1

winner Third place: Category C: Popn 75,001-150,000
114 Play this video by Namwon City Korea 2Namwon City Korea 2

winner Third place: Category C: Popn 75,001-150,000
115 Play this video by San Carlos CitySan Carlos City

winner Special Whole City Award and Second place: Category C: Popn 75,001-150,000 AND Special Award Criteria Awards
116 Play this video by Tongyeong City Tongyeong City

winner First place: Category C: Popn 75,001-150,000
117 Play this video by Joondalup City Beach Management PlanJoondalup City Beach Management Plan

winner First Place - Category D Popn 150,001-400,000
118 Play this video by Nansha District Nansha WetlandsNansha District Nansha Wetlands

winner Second place - Category D Popn 150,001-400,000
119 Play this video by KuantanKuantan

winner Third place - Category D Popn 150,001-400,000
120 Play this video by GangdongGangdong

winner Third place - Category E Popn over 400,000
121 Play this video by Nanjing huijie new townNanjing huijie new town

winner First place - Category E Popn over 400,000 AND Arts Culture and Heritage Criteria Award


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Livcom 2011 Finalists

Whole Cities Invited to Finals as at 16th September

Category A - Population up to 20,000

Gotarrendura, Castilla y Leon
Jinhwa, Tainan
Sun Rivers Resort
Xinqiao Town, Jiangyin City

Category B – Population 20,001 – 75,000

Anping District, Tainan
Dalongdong, Taipei,
City of Greater Geraldton
Hagi City, Yamaguchi Prefecture
Houbi District, Tainan
City of Mandurah
Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm
Seocheon County
City of Tabor The Komora Relaxation Zone
Yueliangwan Community, Linyi, Shandong

Category C – Population 75,001 – 150,000

Carmel, Indiana
Namwon City
North Charleston, South Carolina
Rosario Municipality
San Carlos City
Sangju City
Santiago City
Tongyeong City  
Yang Pyeong-Gun

Category D – Population 150,001 – 400,000

Andong Municipality
Batangas City
Gunsan City
Gwangsan City, Gwangju
Hue City
Joondalup City
Kuantan Community, City of Kuantan
Nansha District, Guangzhou
Nilufer Municipality
Paranaque City
Seogwipo City
Siena Province
Taitung County, Taiwan

Category E – Population over 400,000

Bilbao Municipality
Dagupan City
Greater Ankara Municipality
Iloilo City
Jeju City
Kumamoto City
Las Pinas City
City of Lviv
Nanjing, Jiangsu Province
City of San Fernando, Pampanga
Seocho City
Yilan County, Taiwan

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Projects Invited to Finals as at 16th September

Al Ain City Municipality Al Ain Wild Life Park & Resort
Al Ain City Municipality Al Ain Central Market  and Bawadi Mall
Al Ain City Municipality Redeveloping Al Jahili Park
Albuquerque "Glass Gardens" Rehabilitation and Habitat Enhancement
Amman Environmental Station to prevent cement dust and greenhouse gasses from being emitted to the atmosphere
City Government of Batangas City E-Code
Bilbao Bilbao: Culture as an Economic Engine
Chrudim Reconstruction of St. Joseph Church and Monastery Gardens
Dagupan City River Rehabilitation Program
Dalongdong, Taipei Taipei Confucius Temple Historic District Revitalization Project
Dalongdong, Taipei Eco-Friendly Environment Plan and Design of Taipei International Flora Expo (Pavilions of Xinsheng Park)
Dubai Revitalization of Historic Dubai
Greater Ankara Municipality The Haven House
Greater Ankara Municipality North Ankara Entrance Urban Regeneration Project
Greater Ankara Municipality Hacibayram – Protection & Renovation Project
Greater Ankara Municipality Dikmen Valley Urban Regeneration and Development Project
Guangzhou, Coral International City
Helsinki The EcoCompass Project
Hue City Improving environment and preserving historical value through Dong Ba River Project
Iloilo City 2011 Iloilo Dinagyang Festival
Iloilo City Post LivCom: Advancing the Iloilo River Development Initiatives through Integrated Sustainable Management
Istanbul Timber and Stone Training Workshops
City of Johannesburg Xtreme Park Makeover:  Pimville and Claremont
City of Johannesburg International Year of Biodiversity Programmes
City of Johannesburg Dhlamini Eco Park
City of Johannesburg A Community of Parks
City of Joondalup City of Joondalup Beach Management Plan
Kaohsiung City, Taiwan The World Games Main Stadium
Kaohsiung City, Taiwan Cuehua Bikeway Exclusive Bridge
Kaohsiung City, Taiwan Houjin Stream Remediation & Yicyun Landscape Bridge
Kaohsiung City, Taiwan Jhongdu Wetland
Kladno The Rainbow Home
City of Kuching North EM Bokashi Home Composting
Las Pinas City Las Pinas-Zapote River System Rehabilitation Project
Logan City Active Logan Program
Logan City Suite of Community Services Strategies
Maputo Environmentally Sustainable Project
Nanjing Huijie New Town
Nansha District, Guangzhou Nansha Wetlands
Nansha District, Guangzhou Improving the Living Environment in Rural Area
Nieuwpoort King Leopold II Park Renovation
Nilufer Municipality Change your bag - change your future
North Charleston Oak Terrace Preserve
Port Philip Australia Climate Conservations – Local Action Planning
Sangju City The Capital of Bicycle
Sanya City, Clearwater Bay
Sao Paulo Parques Lineares
Seogwipo City Nature, there is no better design:  “ Jeju Olle” Project
Serpentine Jarrahdale Shire Plan for the Future Project
Siena Province Siena Carbon Free 2015
Sun Rivers Golf Resort, Community Developing Stewardship
City of Tabor The Komora Relaxation Zone
Vorniceni Village Democratization of Dniester River Governance
Xi’an City Lantingge Garden
Xinqiao Town Sunshine Ecological Park
Yueliangwan Community, Linyi, Shandong The Project of Culture Centre of Yueliangwan City
Yilan, Taiwan Lanyang Museum:  Window of Yilan

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Cities invited to present Bursary Award applications as at 16th September

Amman Environmental Station to prevent cement dust and greenhouse gasses from being emitted to the atmosphere
Greater Ankara Municipality, Baskent Turkish Sign Language Training Programme
Dagupan City Floating Fish cage Program
Hue City Environmental Protection in association with Community Economic Development
Iloilo City Livelihood Enhancement Project for Sidewalk Vendors in Heritage Area
Iloilo City Disaster Risk Reduction Initiatives in Iloilo City
Iloilo City Pilot Integrated Coastal Environment Sanitation Project
Iloilo City Tuberculosis Social Mobilization: Iloilo City Experience
Iloilo City Composting: Alternative Livelihood for Wastepickers
Iloilo City Bamboo Reforestation in Maasin Watershed
Las Pinas City Urban Poor Housing Program
City of Lviv Three Hours of Happiness
Nieuwpoort No Risk, No Play
Nilufer Municipality Nilufer Goes Green with Students
Paranaque City Making Food go Further:  Hunger Mitigation
Siena, Siena Province Siena Carbon Free 2015
Vorniceni Local Action – Global Impact
Yilan, Taiwan Agricultural Educational Foundation Project of School Promoting Local Ingredients
Yueliangwan Community, Linyi, Shandong Shandong Linyi Calligraphy City

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Host City Songpa

Welcome to Songpa, host of The International Awards for Liveable Communities 2011 (The LivCom Awards)

Welcome Note from Songpa MayorAs Mayor and on behalf of the city of Songpa, Seoul, Republic of Korea, I welcome the LivCom Awards 2011. Songpa is a big city with 690,000 residents. Its historical breadth as the pivot of an ancient kingdom some 2,000 years ago remains very much alive to this day. Songpa has also elevated Korea’s national prestige by hosting the 1988 Olympic Games. At this point, we are proud to announce that we are hosting the LivCom Awards 2011.

By inspiring the spirit of “Think Globally, Act Regionally” in order to cope with climate change, Songpa is building a cornerstone for sustainable growth in the areas of culture, welfare, and environment. The city is also pooling the efforts of the whole community to make Songpa the world’s best liveable city.

There are also other collaborative efforts to accomplish sustainable growth of the community, including the City of Water: Water-Way Project, which connects four waterways with a total length of 27km; the Alternative Energy Development Project, which fulfils both environmental and welfare needs by supporting those on low incomes through profits from the operation of public solar power generators; the River Restoration Project for the diversity of the ecosystem; and the construction and utilisation of the 116km-long bicycle path to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to improve the health of the residents.

Songpa is the city where human beings coexist with Mother Nature, a place where one can enjoy the blue and green colors of nature anywhere, anytime, and a World Health Organisation (WHO)-approved “Safe City”. Now, Songpa, as a representative of South Korea, is ready to present its splendid culture and history to the global communities.

I look forward to meeting each one of you at the LivCom Awards 2011 in Songpa

Yours sincerely,


Park Choon Hee
Mayor of Songpa

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Attend Next Year

The LivCom Awards is the world’s only Competition for local communities that focuses on environmental management and the creation of liveable communities.

The objective of The LivCom Awards is to encourage best practice, innovation and leadership in providing a vibrant, environmentally sustainable community that improves the quality of life

The Benefit of Participating in the LivCom Awards

There are numerous benefits resulting from participation in the LivCom Awards including:

  • The compilation of the Initial Report is a self-audit process that can provide the basis for a future plan to create a liveable community.
  • Success in the LivCom Awards may be referred to in applications for National and International funding.
  • During the Finals you will be able to observe Presentations that contain examples of International Best Practice applied to challenges similar to those facing your City.
  • You will be able to showcase your City’s Best Practice on an international stage and influence accepted International Best Practice.
  • Civic pride will be enhanced by being with ‘the leading communities in the world’.
  • Innovation is encouraged.
  • Meeting with delegates from communities from other countries and cultures that are
    facing similar challenges to those faced by your community leads to the formation of partnerships to exchange information and experiences, and the arranging of exchange technical visits on an ongoing basis.
  • These partnerships can extend to subjects beyond Environmental Issues.
  • The exchange of information and experiences can produce accelerated technical benefits and financial savings year on year. The investment in time and finance needed to participate in the
    Awards is not large and can be exceeded by many times by the ongoing benefits.
  • Success in the Awards may be used to promote tourism and Inward Capital Investment.
  • National and international publicity is enhanced.
  • Joining of an international network of communities from over 50 countries with similar environmentally based objectives.
  • Engagement by the community is encouraged.
  • Described by many participants as ‘the most rewarding professional experience of
    their career’.

I can assure you that participating in the LivCom Awards is professionally rewarding and will potentially bring long-lasting benefits to your City.  

Alan Smith
Chief Executive


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In the run-up to and during the Finals please contact Elizabeth Peplow on +44 (0)7825 082595 or email livcommedia@gmail.com

Please contact the press team in the run-up to this year’s Finals for any information or support you might need.

During the Finals, the press team will be issuing releases for each of the Finalists, a daily newsletter on the highlights from each presentation, the results and you will be able to receive photographs of individuals and delegations at the Finals.

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